Lost & Found


Go here if you've lost or think you've lost anything in the Warrior Celt. We have an honest place so you may well be lucky and whatever you've lost may well be there. Items such as wallets with no I.D. inside will not be shown in photographs for obvious reasons. If you think that you might have left something in the Warrior please use our contact form or call the pub and ask.

Our staff & family

Master Masa & Fugal, Eri

Satomi &Canel, Thomas

Shoki& Kerstin,Shohei

Sahra Roxan & Camile ,Yusuke,Keiji


We are selling a limited amount of our Thomas Hardy's Ale.  This is the 2005 vintage made by O'Hanlon's Brewery curently selling for between 3000-5000 yen a bottle.  We will let our customers have them for 3000 yen not including transport. 

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Pics from the Past



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