This page contains links to the businesses we deal with, the places we like to go, useful addresses such as short term stays in the area and of course places we like to get drunk in after work and on our days off.

If you love the beers that we sell please check out their official sites for downloads and more product info.

We constantly appear at events like the St. Patrick's Day parade and the Scottish Highland Games. So, please check their sites for more info on when these events are.
What the Dickens
Our oldest friends, What the Dickens has been around a year longer than us and has been a favourite haunt for most of the staff, customers and bands since I can remember. Well worth a visit as it is equally as friendly as the Warrior. Site in English and Japanese.
Bretons du Japon
Site in Japanese and French. Bretons du Japon are friends of the Warrior Celt and always good fun to drink with.
Shepherd Neame
The oldest surviving supplier of imported draught British ales to us and the oldest brewery in the United Kingdom. They have probably the most well balanced selection of ales available. Site in English.
Irish Network Japan
INJ's site is in Japanese and English and contains information on the St. Patrick's Day parade and other useful links for the broader Irish community in Japan.
Spitfire Ale Site
Lots of facts on the beer and the plane. Great site! Downloads include the brilliant "NO FOKKA" advertising campaign. Site in English.
Japan Scottish Highland Games
Yep, all about Japan's own Scottish Highland Games. The site is in English and Japanese.
Bishops Finger Site
The Bishops Finger official site. Well worth a visit especially for the new tongue in cheek "Finger" ads. Site in English.
St. Andrew's Society Japan
The St Andrew Society of Yokohama and Tokyo has been established for over 100 years and serves to promote links between the Scottish and Japanese communities. It hosts a regular series of events in Tokyo through the year. Site in English.
Master Of Beer Site
Lots of useful facts about the beers from Shepherd Neame. Notes on hops, malt ect. The site even has a section to promote the health giving aspects of beer but also to inform the consumer of the flavour profile of their different brews. Site in English.
Felinfoel Brewery
Our newest supplier and from west Wales. Their beers are an interesting midway between the classic English ale and the more malty Scots/Irish style. Site in English.
A new place opened by one of our old customers Richard. He has medium - short term stays available in recently reformed houses north of Ueno. Please go to his website for more details. Site in English.
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Please keep coming back as we will be adding more links soon.
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