Although in my opinion the heyday of the Warrior Celt's band fame has passed the pub still has regular bands playing and indeed encouraged to improve over time.

Below is a brief description of the artists that play the Warrior Celt including the type of music they play.

As mentioned below we are constantly looking for new acts. Please use contact form to get in touch.
The only surviving member of the original vanguard of musicians that played the Warrior Celt fifteen years ago. He is still as far as I know the only Japanese musician to have been invited to play the Apollo Theatre in New York. Style: R&B/Blues ... A Must See!

  Kaz's old bassist started this band some years back. The 'sleeping base' is well worth seeing. Musically brilliant!

Our rising star in the Warrior. He started playing for us about three years ago and improves every time I hear him. This guy is very popular with the punters! Style: Popular 60's-now.
She's our special girl!
Our regular little "vixen". She came to us only a few months ago but has proved very popular. Style: Hard to put your finger on but pretty poppy.
These guys are the band headed up by Kenji. A more diverse song list. Style: 60's - now
T.K. Band
A rockin' blues band from the west side of Tokyo. Style: Blues
No band at present.
Nico & Haruka
Mildly rock the Celt with acoustic guitar and fiddle once a month with a mixture of old and new rock, folk and blues. Style: As said.
No band at present.
Far East Enders
These guys are fucking loud! Style: Uncontrolled noise.
No band at present.
We are always looking for new bands. If you are interested in playing the Warrior Celt you must sing in English and be of good quality. There will be an audition before playing. Get in touch through our contact page.
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